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A boating adventure is always a nice experience, but you want to make sure to protect your boat when you’re out on the water or even when it’s docked. Boats are expensive investments, so you don’t want to be stuck in a dangerous or pricey situation. There are a lot of risks that come along with a boat being out on the water or having it stored during colder months, so make sure you and your boat are protected.

Types of boats we cover include:

  • Bass and fishing boats
  • Pontoons
  • Powerboats
  • Jet skis, WaveRunners, and other personal watercrafts
  • Sailboats
  • Kayaks/canoes
  • Yachts

There’s a wide variety of situations boat insurance can cover. These include:

  • Physical damage: this type covers any damage that is accidentally caused to your boat such as fire, sinking, theft, storm damage, or getting into a boating accident.
  • Liability coverage: if your boat causes injury or damage to another person or object such as another boat, dock, or any sort of structure, this type of insurance covers those third party damages

There are several factors that may impact the cost of your boat insurance plan. These may include where you’re boating, if you have any formal training in boating, your driving record, the liability limits, and your deductible. Depending on your needs and unique situation, we can match you with a policy that makes the most sense for you and your boating.

Don’t get stuck in rough waters. Make sure your boat is protected with reliable, affordable coverage. Even if your boat is docked, in storage, or not in use for a while, there are still risks involved that you don’t want to get stuck being responsible paying for. We’ll connect you with with the best coverage options available so you can find one that works for you. Regardless of your driving or boating history, we are glad to help. Don’t wait to get low cost auto insurance for your boat. Call today to get started!

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Liliana at Atlantic great customer service I loved it..shes always been there for me since Day it shes a keeper,shes friendly she does things quickly and really her service...

Daliana Ramirez

This worker in Atlantic Insurance is amazing Liliana Roldan is fast at working and she convinced me to pay my price and i got really good offers.

Ashley Ramirez

Called in to get coverage for my daughter’s first car while at the dealership, Liliana is GREAT! Did everything via email, she gave us a couple of options and helped decide the best coverage for my daughter. Highly recommend Liliana at Atlantic, great customer service and speedy service!

Michelle Cruz

Liliana was amazing!! She helped me with all my troubles and she found me the best price for my car insurance! price and her respond was Better than in all other companies! I am so grateful for that and I recommend this company for everyone, and always ask for Lily! She is the sweetest person i ever met! best regards!

George Krkeljic

Liliana is the absolute sweetest ! She’s very quick to reply with emails and extremely helpful. She makes purchasing insurance very easy. If I could give her 100 stars I would.

Aida Agic

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