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Atlantic Insurance Agency is proud to offer our clients a multitude of various insurance plans, one of which being personal auto insurance. We’re unique because we’ll be glad to work with anyone; regardless of your past driving, accident, violation or ticket history, we can offer our insurance services to you.

Personal auto insurance is extremely important to have. Every time you get into your car and drive somewhere, there is a risk of accident and/or injury. Even if you’re an extremely safe driver accidents can still happen, as well as falling victim to others’ reckless driving. You don’t want to be stuck dealing with paying out-of-pocket if you take the risk of going insurance-free. 

Especially in a large metropolitan area like Chicago where there’s a lot of traffic and highway driving, insurance is extra important to have. Whether you’re in the city or in a surrounding area, if you need affordable car insurance near Chicago, Atlantic Insurance Agency has got you covered.

Our skilled team does their best to connect with you with a personal auto insurance policy that is as affordable and efficient at protecting you as a driver as possible. SR-22 insurance is also another great option we offer for applicable drivers. We collaborate with insurance providers who provide superior service and excellent client communication. Whether you have a history of accidents or a squeaky clean record, we would love to hear from you.  

There are many different types of coverage options available. These include:

  • Collision coverage: covers costs in the case that your business’s car or a vehicle is damaged from an accident involving another vehicle or object
  • Comprehensive coverage: this type of insurance covers the incident of a moving object causing damage to your vehicle. For example, if you’re driving and a branch falls on your car and causes damage, comprehensive coverage will protect it
  • Property damage: if you’re driving and cause damage to someone else’s property in an accident, for example, if you drive into someone’s mailbox or crash into a guardrail, you’ll be covered.
  • Bodily injury liability: if you injure other individuals in an accident, this type of insurance will cover their medical costs. Whether that be hospital bills, legal fees, loss of income, or even funeral costs, this type of insurance will have you covered.

These are just a few of many different types of insurance we offer, and depending on your needs and situation, we will work together to find the right coverage and insurance plan for you. We are licensed to sell insurance in all of Illinois, so no matter where in the state you are located, we’d love to hear from you and connect you with a personal auto insurance plan that works for you. If you’re looking for inexpensive auto insurance near Chicago, including SR-22 insurance in Illinois, and insurance agents who will work with determination and integrity, call us today. 

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Liliana at Atlantic great customer service I loved it..shes always been there for me since Day it shes a keeper,shes friendly she does things quickly and really her service...

Daliana Ramirez

This worker in Atlantic Insurance is amazing Liliana Roldan is fast at working and she convinced me to pay my price and i got really good offers.

Ashley Ramirez

Called in to get coverage for my daughter’s first car while at the dealership, Liliana is GREAT! Did everything via email, she gave us a couple of options and helped decide the best coverage for my daughter. Highly recommend Liliana at Atlantic, great customer service and speedy service!

Michelle Cruz

Liliana was amazing!! She helped me with all my troubles and she found me the best price for my car insurance! price and her respond was Better than in all other companies! I am so grateful for that and I recommend this company for everyone, and always ask for Lily! She is the sweetest person i ever met! best regards!

George Krkeljic

Liliana is the absolute sweetest ! She’s very quick to reply with emails and extremely helpful. She makes purchasing insurance very easy. If I could give her 100 stars I would.

Aida Agic

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